ponedeljek, 08. avgust 2011


Vsak ima v sebi svoj časovni stroj. Včasih nas ta stroj odpelje nazaj, to so spomini. Včasih pa nas popelje naprej in temu pravimo sanje.
(Jeremy Irons, angleški igralec)

Spominjajmo se in sanjajmo vsak dan! Kot prijatelji. Ker brez prijateljev bonboni sploh niso sladki in rože ne dišijo tako nežno in srce ob pogledu na bister potoček čisto pozabi poskočiti ... Ker brez prijateljev so spomini in sanje prazni ...


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Anonimni pravi ...

We are on vacation until September. We wish you all a very happy vacation. We hope to hear from you soon!
The Stars, Maine, USA

ISKRICE pravi ...

Dear Stars,

our school starts on September the 1st. After that we'll be on our way with new teachers. But we'll be coming back to our and your sites remembering everything .... and we'll never forget you!

We wish you lots of love and hapiness and wonderful adventures in the future ... we're sure they are waiting for all of us :)

Best regards from Slovenija!

Love, the Sparkles

Mrs Wilson pravi ...

What a delightful class blog! So pleased you had a translation button!

www. mswilson123.blogspot.com pravi ...

Hi, please let me know if there is anything on this blog post that you would like me to remove! (My class, the Awesome Explorers, visited your blog today and wrote a few comparisons...)


ISKRICE pravi ...

Dear friends,

we're absolutely honored that you visited our blog and took a close look at it. We're still on summer vacation but never far away from our posts. Thank you for writing some nice things about us. And yes, Slovenia is probably the greenest country in the world. You're always welcome!

Have a wonderful school time and stay happy! You're the best :)

Love from the Sparkles, Ljubljana, Slovenia